Tickle Me Mo

Ok guys.  You did it for the underappreciated television writers a couple of years ago.

Now it’s time to grow some more facial hair, this time in support of what is certainly a universal and worthy cause – your health.  Inspired by the October pink ribbon campaign for breast cancer awareness, a group of handlebar enthusiasts Down Under took a cue from Tom Selleck and nearly every rock band from the 1970s and decided to make moustaches – or mo’s as they are endearingly called – the symbolic ribbon for guys to don in support of prostate and testicular cancer research each November.   All you have to do is not shave your upper lip for this entire month (cleverly renamed Movember) and register your mo growth on the Movember website.  The funds raised through Movember’s U.S. campaign benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) and LIVESTRONG, the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  Who knew your Walrus, Toothbrush or Fu-Manchu could earn big bucks for fighting cancer while making your lady a vicarious romance novel heroine?

© Jennifer Dowd

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