• How to make Lemon Cake

    1 writer (lightly sifted)
    5 cups of daily life, music, essays, books, pop culture, poetry, films, family, travel & other things
    1/2 cup of humor (add more liberally as desired)
    2 tbsps of guest writers & artists imparting sweet & tart musings
    a sprinkling of love
    a generous helping of fresh zest

    Directions: Passionately mix together. Bake. Slather with creative frosting. Serve.

Kid Rock

You will be a rock star and that is final! I surprisingly heard myself utter those words to my 6-year-old son not long ago. We had signed him up for this incredible after school program called RockSTAR that teaches children drums, electric guitar, keyboard, bass, vocals and performance as a band. As a lover of … Continue reading

Love You to Bits

It’s a classic scene.  There’s a small room with about five or six chairs lined up along the wall.  A man in a suit and tie paces back and forth, hands in his pockets, sweating slightly beneath his crisp white collar.  He’s come straight from the office and a few of his work fellows have … Continue reading

A Mother’s Tale

One of the many things I love about being a mom is the chance to witness genius.  Sure, I’m not alone thinking my kid is a superhero – in truth, all kids are wunderbar – but that does not stop me from glowing with pride at every display of offspring brilliance before me.   What’s more, … Continue reading

Welcome to Wonderland

Date night.  It’s one of those rare evenings that a married couple with children spends non-interrupted by flying bath toys, the undersea exploits of a bucktooth sponge in short pants or replenishing a well of ketchup for the dunking of fish sticks.  A once-a-month-if-you’re-lucky chance to hire someone else to handle all of that and…escape. … Continue reading

Pretty Good

If I told you that I live a stone’s throw from Hollywood and have been frequenting an organic pharmacy as of late, you may imagine me hopping in a plug-in Prius and cruising up to the Hollywood Hills for smoky late night political banter with Bill Maher.  While I have admittedly run into Mr. Maher … Continue reading

Stay Negative

There’s something about January that really hits like a heavyweight.  Maybe it’s the turn of the calendar page of realization that none of your goals in the previous year were attained.  Maybe it’s the fear of a false positive start into the next.  Whatever it may be, it gets you in the gut and takes … Continue reading

An August Recess

Things were a little too murky, even for a lobster’s taste. Mollusk trading was down. The price of plankton was skyrocketing. Anemones were foreclosing left and right. Burrowing the day away just wasn’t cutting it any more – old Crusty needed a getaway. He lifted his head out of the bottom of the cold North Atlantic Ocean. “What … Continue reading

All Time High

For my tenth birthday I asked my parents for the new Billy Joel album, 52nd Street.  I remember putting the record on after cake and listening to the lyrics of Big Shot: Well you went uptown riding in your limousine With your fine Park Avenue clothes You had the Dom Perignon in your hand And the … Continue reading

Love Your Mother

Who doesn’t love her or his mother?  Sure, she may paint your boy toenails neon pink (your favorite color), photograph and feature you enjoying said lacquered nails in her company’s advertising campaign and let Americans make you a five-year-old poster child for the public debate on gender mores – yet you love her anyway.  But … Continue reading

A Kodak Moment

I can’t believe the Oscars are less than 127 hours away. I was supposed to get myself into tip-top, red-carpet-ready shape.  Not that I’m co-hosting with Franco and Hathaway or trying to fit into an egg.  I’m not driving anywhere near Hollywood and Highland this weekend (can’t even if I was oddly inclined) or conferring … Continue reading