Kid Rock

You will be a rock star and that is final! I surprisingly heard myself utter those words to my 6-year-old son not long ago. We had signed him up for this incredible after school program called RockSTAR that teaches children drums, electric guitar, keyboard, bass, vocals and performance as a band. As a lover of … Continue reading

Love You to Bits

It’s a classic scene.  There’s a small room with about five or six chairs lined up along the wall.  A man in a suit and tie paces back and forth, hands in his pockets, sweating slightly beneath his crisp white collar.  He’s come straight from the office and a few of his work fellows have … Continue reading

A Mother’s Tale

One of the many things I love about being a mom is the chance to witness genius.  Sure, I’m not alone thinking my kid is a superhero – in truth, all kids are wunderbar – but that does not stop me from glowing with pride at every display of offspring brilliance before me.   What’s more, … Continue reading

Listen Up

I’m at a park in West Hollywood with my son. Kids are hopping on and off of bikes, throwing sand, making body sandwiches on the slides. Yelling. Parents are hopping on and off cell phones, texting while pushing swings, spying (behind Raybans) each other’s post-baby bodies. Yelling. Over on one of the picnic tables I … Continue reading

Going the Distance

About forty-some years ago my mother gave my father one of the longest lasting and most cherished birthday presents ever. No, not me.  Season tickets to the New York Giants.  Although not unlike your first born, this gift of entry into one of the most sought after sports memberships is something to be treasured.  And while … Continue reading

The Woman Who Lives Behind Your Couch

Everyone in L.A. has celebrity sightings. It’s as much a part of life here as valet parking at the mall.  Most Angelenos ~ those not toting 20-ft lenses ~ let the famous faces go about their everyday business without much fanfare.  Oh look, Robert Downey Jr. is having a coffee.  Cool.  But unless you’re Suri’s … Continue reading

This American Life

I have a white picket fence. It was never my dream possession or longed for house perimeter.  It just happened to be around my yard when I moved in to my Los Angeles home. Further setting me apart from the symbolic American norm is that what I love most about the fence is its lack … Continue reading