I Want My MP3’s

I remember it well. Hopping in my burgundy two-door Datsun – moon-roof opened, the early summer breeze gently blowing the high bangs of my overly bleached hair – and racing (figuratively, of course, Mom, I always drove within the speed limit in my teens) to the record store to make the music of Led Zeppelin, … Continue reading

New Word Order

  Dined, wined, skied, skated and barely slept my way through the holidays. Spent the New Year’s observance up in Lake Tahoe, California.  Partook in my first Raclette dinner party ~ during which thankfully no one was hurt (save the lining of our hearts) ~ and shoveled a yard’s depth of fresh snow to create … Continue reading

Schlemmer’s Dilemma

When the gentle coo of a songbird sounded off at dawn from his Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock, Schlemmer didn’t hear it. Nor did he smell the percolating Arabica roasted coffee scent of Morning Café generating from the clock’s aromatherapy beads.  He was already out of bed for more than an hour.  Still dressed in … Continue reading

Can You Kundalini?

We’re off and running now. December is upon us and with the turn of this month of winter holidays, glittery dinners, opulent parties, tree-lightings, floating candles, White House invitations, delicious foodstuff, cinnamon-laced drinkstuff and other glorious stuff will be intermingled with our daily lives.  Even those of us with the hardy constitution of a Nordic … Continue reading

Black Friday, Meet Red

Some things in life are certain. Death-defying circus acts.  Corporate tax loopholes.  Mass transportation gone wild action films starring Denzel Washington.  Top of my life’s list of sure things?  You’ll never see me partake in a pre-dawn pilgrimage to Walmart.  And while others are seeing black today ~ the anticipatory manifestation of a highly profitable … Continue reading

On Leaves and Vines

How many dinners and Sunday parties Chairs and conversations Have surrounded this fine oven china Made in England My great grandmother’s Royal Doulton Decorated with a yellow apple, a pear Some grapes, two berries On leaves and vines How many tables has it rested on Cities, rectangular, round and square How many ovens How many … Continue reading

Home Shopping Network

‘Tis catalogue season! The hot glue has barely cooled on my homemade colored corn and turkey feather headdress and yet my virtual and vintage mailboxes overfloweth with visions of joke telling garbage trucks, overly animated boys brawling in Bakugan battles, American Girl dolls sporting embroidered jeans and retainers, non-destructible 40-pound fruit cakes, motorized tie racks, … Continue reading

The Swinging Years

Halle Berry.  Demi Moore.  Jennifer Aniston.  Salma Hayek.  This is not our grandmothers’ 40s, my friends. Today women in the four-oh’s are boldly embracing the singular beauty, wisdom and sensuality of their age and experiencing a renewed joie de vivre.  Many are having children.  Many are dating men that could have been their children.  Overall, … Continue reading

The Magic Hour

Now that the night is settling in a little bit earlier (feels like a LOT earlier) with the shedding of daylight savings time, my son and I are cozying up a bit longer with books before bedtime.  Reading together is among our favorite rituals, neck and neck with ice cream sandwiches at the park and … Continue reading

Cuckoo for Coco Puff

Pink slips.  Sure, I’ve had a few. They work well under nearly every color skirt.  I got walking papers once, too.  But I didn’t get tens of millions of dollars in severance pay and national grievance time on 60 Minutes like my dear Conan O’Brien.  There’s something about Coco.  I remember watching him on Late … Continue reading