Black Friday, Meet Red

Style No. 1104 Red Suede Boot by Sigerson Morrison

Some things in life are certain.

Death-defying circus acts.  Corporate tax loopholes.  Mass transportation gone wild action films starring Denzel Washington.  Top of my life’s list of sure things?  You’ll never see me partake in a pre-dawn pilgrimage to Walmart.  And while others are seeing black today ~ the anticipatory manifestation of a highly profitable post-pig out retail day ~ I, on the other hand, am seeing red.  Red suede.  Super deep cuff, over the knee, killer sexy red suede high-heeled boots by Sigerson Morrison.  These credit-limit busting, little black dress Friday boots are not made for walking and especially not for running to Target before the cows are milked.  These boots dissidently laugh at that notion, crushing the very inkling of groupthink shopping stampedes with a simple, sly tilt of a six-inch heel.  Rather, these tall fiery ones are made for standing still.  Perfectly still.  Living the dream with crystal flute raised and sparkling in starlight, setting all eyes and holiday wish lists asunder. Here’s to self-fulfilling prophecies…!


© Jennifer Dowd  

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