New Word Order

  Dined, wined, skied, skated and barely slept my way through the holidays. Spent the New Year’s observance up in Lake Tahoe, California.  Partook in my first Raclette dinner party ~ during which thankfully no one was hurt (save the lining of our hearts) ~ and shoveled a yard’s depth of fresh snow to create … Continue reading

Schlemmer’s Dilemma

When the gentle coo of a songbird sounded off at dawn from his Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock, Schlemmer didn’t hear it. Nor did he smell the percolating Arabica roasted coffee scent of Morning Café generating from the clock’s aromatherapy beads.  He was already out of bed for more than an hour.  Still dressed in … Continue reading

[Sic] Day

Everyone has off days. Days when the car keys did not put themselves back where they should be and are making you wait for the bus.  Days when you just can’t quite wake-up even after smelling the coffee and drinking four heavily sugared shots of it.  The days between your thirteenth and sixteenth birthdays.  The … Continue reading

Dear Don

Why I am not quitting you, Don Draper. After what seems an unfairly short but deliciously rewarding relationship with you in Mad Men Season 4, you have turned out to be more than just a wily fox in a stylishly crisp suit ~ and I’m relieved.   For many weeks following Season 2 I was ready … Continue reading