Kid Rock

You will be a rock star and that is final! I surprisingly heard myself utter those words to my 6-year-old son not long ago. We had signed him up for this incredible after school program called RockSTAR that teaches children drums, electric guitar, keyboard, bass, vocals and performance as a band. As a lover of … Continue reading

Cuckoo for Coco Puff

Pink slips.  Sure, I’ve had a few. They work well under nearly every color skirt.  I got walking papers once, too.  But I didn’t get tens of millions of dollars in severance pay and national grievance time on 60 Minutes like my dear Conan O’Brien.  There’s something about Coco.  I remember watching him on Late … Continue reading

The Most Influential Man in the World

He drunk dialed once and got his own voicemail. He called a rose by another name and it didn’t smell as sweet.  The President of the United States wants to be interviewed on his fake cable news show.  He is Jon Stewart ~’s “Most Influential Man” of 2010.  Keeping company with but earning rank … Continue reading

Dear Don

Why I am not quitting you, Don Draper. After what seems an unfairly short but deliciously rewarding relationship with you in Mad Men Season 4, you have turned out to be more than just a wily fox in a stylishly crisp suit ~ and I’m relieved.   For many weeks following Season 2 I was ready … Continue reading