Dear Don

Why I am not quitting you, Don Draper.

After what seems an unfairly short but deliciously rewarding relationship with you in Mad Men Season 4, you have turned out to be more than just a wily fox in a stylishly crisp suit ~ and I’m relieved.   For many weeks following Season 2 I was ready to leave you and couldn’t understand why Betty wasn’t packing her double-string pearls and riding off on her high horse either.  But people can’t stop themselves from being drawn to you.  A man that never improves, causes illness and makes people unhappy.  Are you that man no more?  After watching you finally give Peggy her damn dues, take your affection-starved daughter to see The Beatles and write your irreverent open letter to the New York Times, I realized this was your chance to be likeable once again.  So I took your hat and poured you a scotch.  I know it’s going to be hard to keep liking you ~ and after this Sunday we won’t be seeing much of each other for a while I’m afraid ~ but, like you, I’m certain that your best work is still ahead.  I can’t wait.

© Jennifer Dowd  

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