Pretty Good

Organic, toxin-free beauty courtesy of The Organic Pharmacy.

If I told you that I live a stone’s throw from Hollywood and have been frequenting an organic pharmacy as of late, you may imagine me hopping in a plug-in Prius and cruising up to the Hollywood Hills for smoky late night political banter with Bill Maher.  While I have admittedly run into Mr. Maher at an occasional evening out and am a big fan, my green pharmacy sells mascara, rose cream, phytonutrient supplements and toxin-free nail varnish.  We all have our drugs of choice.

Here’s how my habit started.

When I was pregnant and reading up on what-to-do and what-not-to-do while expecting, I learned that nearly everything on the shelves in my powder room – everything that made me feel beautiful – was in fact either toxic, disrupting my hormonal system, cancer causing, or all of the above.

Nice!  There’s dead-body embalming formaldehyde in my face cream!  Psychoactive linalool in my perfume! Diethanolamine in my shampoo!  Lead in my lipstick!

Next thing you know, I’m tossing, trashing and cursing in addition to spitting acerbic one-liners at cosmetic executives who cannot hear me through my bathroom walls.  Hundreds of dollars down the throne!  I imagined my next nine months looking like the Gotham City news anchors stripped of their make-up and hairspray due to the villainous workings of The Joker.

Then, The Organic Pharmacy.

(Cue angelic music.)

Maybe it was the glowing white light from within its pristine interior or the rose petals scattered outside its door that drew me inside this haven of holistic beauty in Beverly Hills (by way of London).   However I got there, I am grateful.  Inside this little box of bliss on Beverly Drive is every organic skin and hair care product, cosmetic, holistic healing tincture and supplement imaginable.  Homeopathic remedies, rich facial creams, anti-aging serums, body lotions and the best damn foundation I have ever used, Luminous Antioxidant Organic Glam Foundation, often make the trip home with my smiling, toxin-free face and at-ease mind.  While at times my purchases equal the price of an international airline ticket, they at least last way longer than a transtlantic flight – usually up to several months.  And did I mention the fabulous women that keep me looking glamorous, feeling healthy, happy and informed….?  Shout out to Kerry and Urvi!

Have I taken a big gulp of new age, eco Kool-Aid?  I don’t think so.  But a proprietary blend of milk thistle, marshmallow and dandelion that supports liver and kidney function?  Yes!  Three times a day.

© Jennifer Dowd 

One Comment

  1. Helena Barton

    I love this! thanks to your introduction to The Organics Pharmacy, I am officially hooked!

    I’m like a kid in candy store..when are we going for our signature rose petal facials?!

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