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‘Tis catalogue season!

The hot glue has barely cooled on my homemade colored corn and turkey feather headdress and yet my virtual and vintage mailboxes overfloweth with visions of joke telling garbage trucks, overly animated boys brawling in Bakugan battles, American Girl dolls sporting embroidered jeans and retainers, non-destructible 40-pound fruit cakes, motorized tie racks, designer hobo (oxymoron?) leather handbags and other must-buy or die items for holiday gifts. And really, who wouldn’t spend $250 or more to get that exclusive o.3 oz gift tube of hand cream? But for those of us who just might opt to partake in a little less mass consumerism this year, perhaps to embody the true spirit of A Charlie Brown Christmas, honor the poor garbage-laden planet or simply avoid foreclosure on the mortgage, there is an alternative. Regifting! Dig deep in the cupboard and find that make-your-own-sushi set you got as an engagement gift 12 years ago, dust it off and voila! ~ instant Secret Santa. New to the shameless giving of something you didn’t want to get in the first place? A best practice from the regift rulebook: be sure to remove that old yard sale sticker. Your BFF doesn’t need to know you were willing to give up your Mr. Mister vinyl collection for a dime. Kýrie, eléison!

© Jennifer Dowd  

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