Love You to Bits

It’s a classic scene.  There’s a small room with about five or six chairs lined up along the wall.  A man in a suit and tie paces back and forth, hands in his pockets, sweating slightly beneath his crisp white collar.  He’s come straight from the office and a few of his work fellows have … Continue reading

On Leaves and Vines

How many dinners and Sunday parties Chairs and conversations Have surrounded this fine oven china Made in England My great grandmother’s Royal Doulton Decorated with a yellow apple, a pear Some grapes, two berries On leaves and vines How many tables has it rested on Cities, rectangular, round and square How many ovens How many … Continue reading

Home Shopping Network

‘Tis catalogue season! The hot glue has barely cooled on my homemade colored corn and turkey feather headdress and yet my virtual and vintage mailboxes overfloweth with visions of joke telling garbage trucks, overly animated boys brawling in Bakugan battles, American Girl dolls sporting embroidered jeans and retainers, non-destructible 40-pound fruit cakes, motorized tie racks, … Continue reading

Imma Be

Astronaut.  Hotel magnate.  New Jersey housewife. You’ve ruminated what you’re going to be many times in this life.   Fortunately Halloween gives you the annual gift of identity exploration without a crisis or daunting self-scrutiny.  What a treat to just BE whatever you want for once (a year).  As a young kid I relished transforming myself … Continue reading