Imma Be

Astronaut.  Hotel magnate.  New Jersey housewife.

You’ve ruminated what you’re going to be many times in this life.   Fortunately Halloween gives you the annual gift of identity exploration without a crisis or daunting self-scrutiny.  What a treat to just BE whatever you want for once (a year).  As a young kid I relished transforming myself into a range of beings:  gypsy, wizard, Wonder Woman, ballerina, bumblebee, Madonna.  In my twenties I dressed as a geisha, Cher ~ 80s Mask Cher with leather jacket, biker boots and tattoos ~ and a cat burglar that unintentionally doubled as young Elvis in black when I took off my mask (my short, slicked back hair I suppose).   Now that my son is excitedly discovering the endless possibilities of what to be this All Hallow’s Eve (we’ve been through a veritable who’s who in the four-year-old universe), I am seeing with renewed verve the inherent thrill of being something you’re not.  Or perhaps, it’s really the Sasha Fierce in each of us finally getting the chance to sing  ~ or scream ~ for a night.

© Jennifer Dowd 

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