Kid Rock

You will be a rock star and that is final! I surprisingly heard myself utter those words to my 6-year-old son not long ago. We had signed him up for this incredible after school program called RockSTAR that teaches children drums, electric guitar, keyboard, bass, vocals and performance as a band. As a lover of … Continue reading

Love You to Bits

It’s a classic scene.  There’s a small room with about five or six chairs lined up along the wall.  A man in a suit and tie paces back and forth, hands in his pockets, sweating slightly beneath his crisp white collar.  He’s come straight from the office and a few of his work fellows have … Continue reading

A Mother’s Tale

One of the many things I love about being a mom is the chance to witness genius.  Sure, I’m not alone thinking my kid is a superhero – in truth, all kids are wunderbar – but that does not stop me from glowing with pride at every display of offspring brilliance before me.   What’s more, … Continue reading

Not e-Cards

Want a trumpet in your pocket?  There’s an app for that. Puff on a pretend cigar?  There’s an app for that.  See your friends nude?  There’s a drug for that ~ and an app.  But what if you want to simply express some feelings with Victorian images juxtaposed with anachronistic slang?  Thankfully, there’s a card … Continue reading

Tickle Me Mo

Ok guys.  You did it for the underappreciated television writers a couple of years ago. Now it’s time to grow some more facial hair, this time in support of what is certainly a universal and worthy cause – your health.  Inspired by the October pink ribbon campaign for breast cancer awareness, a group of handlebar … Continue reading

Thai One On

As we get older we tend to find our party days receding into half-watched Netflix rentals and bed by 10pm. And on the occasion we actually are awake and not just day dreaming about getting a thrill on to spinning lights and pounding beats, there’s the terrible sleep-deprived and probable substance-induced monster we become at … Continue reading

Gaining Paradise

Babymoons. Highly recommend them.  On the dawn of parenthood, with sleepless nights and college tuition still otherworld realities, there is an extraordinary time of waiting that deserves to be savored.  A treasured collection of memorable moments for me was my babymoon in Eleuthera, one of the outer islands of the Bahamas.   My husband and I … Continue reading

Display of Public Affection

When I moved to Los Angeles from New York City ten years ago, there were many things that impressed me. The regal rows of long-legged palms in Beverly Hills.  The psychedelic light towers at LAX.  The foot stopping sweet scent of jasmine and wisteria blooms after a good February rain.  But what topped the city … Continue reading