Gaining Paradise


Highly recommend them.  On the dawn of parenthood, with sleepless nights and college tuition still otherworld realities, there is an extraordinary time of waiting that deserves to be savored.  A treasured collection of memorable moments for me was my babymoon in Eleuthera, one of the outer islands of the Bahamas.   My husband and I traveled day and night, sky and sea to get from L.A. to this tiny island in the Caribbean, but once we landed, I and joy were one.  The people were lovely, musical, smiling.   The sunsets glorious.   But what was particularly fascinating to me was that this very narrow island is graced by not one, but two magical bodies of water – the serene Caribbean Sea and the glorious Atlantic Ocean.  With just a 20-minute walk through mostly paved jungle from one side of the island to the other, each day we ventured from the comfort of our lounge chairs and beach reads by the gentle lapping waters of the Caribbean ~ faithfully accompanied by the dog that lived at our quaint beachfront hotel ~ to the untouched, wild and private haven of an emboldened Atlantic edged by endless pink sand.  A long deserted U.S. naval base, toppled, rusted and overgrown with tropical flora, was the ironic gateway to the bright turquoise peeping through the long-bodied palm trees in the distance.  After stepping over the crumbled cinder and steel remains of abandoned barracks and once towering fallen branches (yes, a venturous pregnant lady, I), we descended upon Oz, a vast and tumbling ocean, bold, blue and rich in contrast with its delicate pink sand, empty of civilization for as far as the eye can see.  Suddenly it was possible to imagine a world with all earthly ambitions easily abandoned.  Paradise gained.

© Jennifer Dowd  

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