Rock ‘n’ Roll Cereal

Each week on Sunset Boulevard I ride an elevator with Duran Duran, Van Halen, ELO, The Police, Prince, Jefferson Starship and slew of other rockers.

A recurring teenage dream from the eighties?  No doubt.  But in reality, it’s the kick-ass album-laden deco of my new favorite Trader Joe’s in town.  Food shopping hasn’t been such a pleasure since, well, ever.  The Beatles greet me in the parking lot (where I magically have a spot waiting for me right next to the entrance), my entire 70s & 80s album collection revisits me in the elevator and Michael Jackson points out how “Thrilling” the jarred olives are on TJ’s shelves.  Somebody certainly excelled in their Rock ‘n’ Roll marketing homework at this grocery store.  Not only does my cart get filled to the brim while I dance and sing, get up and do my thing to every single track overhead, but somehow the rising cost of milk and cereal doesn’t seem to sting as bad when Sting gazes into your soul from behind the check-out counter.

© Jennifer Dowd 

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